Product Line: Glass Wall Office Systems

July 11 2016

ProSpace Solutions now carries the complete line of CR Laurence glass moveable walls and office partitions. Moveable walls are unique as they can transform the interior of a building without the cost and time commitment of a complete renovation. With the economic conditions in Alberta, and Canada as a whole, the number of new developments will dramatically decrease. Leading to the need to increase the efficiency of currently available space. Moveable walls allow for a cost effective and flexible solution to reorganizing and improving on exisiting space constraints.

Moveable walls come in a variety of styles and configurations:

1) Frameless: Provide clean, uninterrupted spans of all glass partitions with minimal hardware. Delivers a minimalist aesthetic for any contemporary interior.

2) Framed: A combination of efficiency and aesthetic attributes of glass with the performance enhancements of fully framed partitions. An effective solution for creating office spaces with acoustic privacy but with the open feeling created with glass.

3) Moveable Walls: Streamlined system that gives the flexibility to fully or partially open a bi-folding wall. Precision track and roller assembly provide a durable, smooth, and quiet system which glides with minimal effort.

Moveable walls/office partitions are division 10 items. Due to their unique characteristics, they have an accelerated tax depreciation schedule, allowing them to be written off much sooner than structural walls or building alterations.